Yes.. I LoVe You.. RaLf


After a fight.. 
Don't want to talk But,

Still You check Your Mobile to know..

If You have missed call or


That's The Hope of "True Love"
Love is when you say I HATE U...
I HATE you...

And your partner smiles..
and keeps on saying
"You cant...i bet...You cant.."

Love is when you want to hate that person...
but unknowingly you start loving 
that person..

Love is when you send a goodnight
message and can't sleep til your
partner's reply comes.. ツ 
This is true Love..

And, after reading this message..
The person who comes
first in your mind that is your



Dear Sayang..

i love you for giving your heart to me
and trusting me with your pride
i love you for wanting me 
and needing me by your side

i love you for the emotions
i never knew i had
i love you for making me smile 
whenever i feel sad

i love you for your thoughts of me
where i'm always on your mind
i love you for finding that part of me 
that i never thought i'd find

i love you for your patience you stand
where i'm at fault
i love you for giving your hand 
whenever i thought i don't have someone

i love you for the way you are
and for how you make me feel
but most of all I LOVE YOU
Coz i know you're mine for real..


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