Dear heart..

7th September is coming.. Feeling? urmm.. happy + excited for sure...
Lots of 'dugaan' that make me feel really miserable.. but then, syukur alhamdulillah i'm with Mr. S who always there to support me.. no matter what! waaaa feeling grateful..

OMO... never think i'll come to this stage so fast.. ya..we can plan all things but still HE the one to decide whether its good to follow our plan or HIS plan.. our fate, 'jodoh', 'ajal', 'maut', 'rezeki' all has been stated, of course we can put an effort to change our life, to make it happen as per what we want.. Nothing is impossible with 'DOA'..

Never give up if you never get what you want.. after you keep 'doa', put all your effort to get it.. just keep in your mind, if we think what we want is better for us, but it may not be great for HIM.. because HE knows better than you.. 'Allah Maha Mengetahui'.. dont feel upset, keep smiling and say Alhamdulillah.. everything happen must have 'Hikmah' behind it..

Ya Allah.. jika dia yang KAU ciptakan untukku.. tabahkan hatiku untuk hidup bersamanya pada jalan yang KAU redhai.. Amin..

p/s : tulih bahasa omputih untuk mengelakkan ayat jadi jiwang terlebih..
jadi adalah normal kalau ada ayat yang tunggang langgang.. maceh.. keh3..

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cik ika said...

Alhamdulillah.. hee~~ banyak2 doa utk kalian.

*still ingat ika dop ni?